Soft Treatments
in Denver, CO

draperyWindow curtains and drapes provide the most opportunity for customization when it comes to selecting the prefect window treatments for your Denver area home. With thousands of drapery prints and textures available at Window Wear’s extensive showroom, you can add luxurious style to your windows without losing functionality.

Window Wear’s comprehensive drapery fabric collection consists of thousands of colors, prints, and materials with embellishments like lace and embroideries available to truly personalize your Denver home. Once you’ve chosen a fabric, selecting the hardware allows for further customization. From our exquisite wood or wrought iron hardware, you can create a genuinely unique design for your windows.


Custom Window Valances

Top off your Denver area home’s windows with valances to set your design style apart from all the rest. With a wide spectrum of shapes and styles, valances are completely customizable and can easily create a casual or formal atmosphere for a room. Style options such as festoons, cascades, swags, poufs, pockets or panels allow you to create your own window masterpiece.

The window curtains and drapes available at Window Wear’s expansive Denver showroom are crafted with matchless quality, durability, and long-term value. Our custom curtains and custom drapes are only made from the finest materials to ensure they maintain their beauty and functionality for many years to come. At Window Wear, we can help you to find the window curtains and drapes that will complement your design taste and truly bring out the best in your Denver area home.


Coming Soon Private Label Bedding!

Window Wear will be introducing a new line of luxurious bedding including the highest quality down comfortors In 2017! Stop by our showroom to see these one-of-a-kind products.

Look for our indoor outdoor fabric lines as well.